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Homestead Bound

Our time at MacDill FamCamp was coming to a close. We were able to accomplish a few important tasks while enjoying our escape from winter.

Our 2022 Homestead garden got a head-start. Tomato, pepper and sugar snaps are just some of the seedlings that germinated then travelled from Florida back to North Carolina with us.

We used some of our Florida down-time to finish up painting the RV interior cabinets. This process began back when we were full time RVers. The main living area is complete now. Someday we will paint the bathroom and bedroom as well.

We enjoyed reading several really good books. MacDill has an awesome Base Library. They kept us supplied with lots of great “beach reads.” There’s nothing like reading a good book on a beautiful beach.

The MacDill FamCamp Wi-Fi and cell phone signals were spotty at best. We still managed to FaceTime with Leila a few times. We were thrilled to hear that Leila will be a big sister this year!

Florida was so much fun but by March 15 we were more than ready to pack up and head back toward the Homestead.

We love the RV Parky App for planning our trips

On the trip home we planned to stop over at some new military FamCamps. Our first stop was at Camp Blanding in Starke, Florida. This small RV campground was really one of 3 campgrounds on this little military installation. All of these FamCamps were located beside a lake with fishing and swimming possibilities!

Camp Blanding has a nice military museum – free to the public

We only stayed one night in Starke, FL but we hope to come back sometime for a longer stay.

Our next stop, Near St. Marys, Georgia, was a little naval station called Kings Bay. It just happens to be a U.S. nuclear sub base. It is also the home of Eagle Hammock military FamCamp.

Their security was a little more strict at this military installation. If you plan to stay here do not bring firearms or just plan to store them at the local pawn shop for a small fee.

This little campground was very beautiful and impressive. A few months before we arrived, a tornado came through the area and flipped several RVs into the nearby lake. You would never know by looking at it that there was recently so much destruction. It was beautifully landscaped and, get this, the laundry facility was free. This was a surprising little perk. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly.

Another perk of camping at Eagle Hammock FamCamp was its proximity to beautiful St. Marys, Georgia. This cute little tourist town by the water is home to Cumberland Island National Seashore. We spent a pleasant day browsing in St. Marys and learning about the National Seashore.

Our 3rd and final stop before returning to our Homestead was Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. This was the perfect place to re-winterize and get ready to close Old Glory up til next trip. I’m sure we will be back to Shaw’s Falcons Nest FamCamp at some point in the future. Only 150 miles south of the homestead, it is an easy trip and with full hook ups, it is very affordable camping at its best! So on March 18 we ended up at Shaw where we began back in January. Our winter snowbird adventure was coming to a close JUST as diesel prices were beginning to skyrocket. We arrived back at the Homestead on the first day of spring 2022.

Old Glory has a new space at the Homestead now. Storage rates went up (like the cost of just about everything else) in 2022. We decided it was time to get serious about creating a place to park O.G. on our own land.

After doing some measuring, and tree trimming and measuring some more…Old Glory has a nice little space to rest till our next adventure.

For now we are focused on weeding our expanded Homestead Garden and saving up diesel money to go see our favorite little grand daughter soon. Our 2022 winter adventure was fun but we will probably stick close to home next winter. We’ll post more about our Homestead garden soon. Thanks for following us on our RV/Homestead Life adventures!

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  1. Thanks, as always for the updates. We hope to see you all soon. Mark, there is a new TV channel called ‘Story TV’. We get it off our antenna but is available on pay TV also. Great channel for history. Every Monday it is dedicated to strictly Military History.

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