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Leilalynn Visits the Homestead

Once upon a time, a little baby girl named Leilalynn brought her parents and puppies to North Carolina all the way from Maryland. She let her daddy drive while she rode all snug in her car seat. Her mommy sat beside her and her puppies rode in back. They were going to visit her Grandpa and Grandma at The Ballard Homestead. Her Uncle Grant and Aunt Christine were traveling there also but they flew in an airplane.

Grandpa and Grandma were so happy to see her (and everyone else) when she finally arrived.

Since it was her first time to visit the Homestead, she had a lot of places and people to see!

Leilalynn met “The Carolina Crew.” All her North Carolina relatives had heard a lot about her.

Aunt Karolyn and Uncle Jim invited her (and the rest of the Ballards) to their home for lunch. She went swimming in their pool. Then she took a little nap in their bedroom.

She really liked hanging out with Grandpa.

She loved to read stories with Grandma.

She ate some sweet potatoes and carrots.

Uncle Grant, Aunt Christine, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma hung out at the Homestead and ate good garden food and played games.

Leilalynn smiled a lot…so did Grandpa and Grandma.

They all visited Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The North Carolina mountains are beautiful and Blowing Rock is a fun town to explore.

Everyone went shooting with Uncle Lonnie.

But Leila stayed at the Homestead with Grandma and splashed in the water.

Hickory has a lot of fun places to see also, like the airport museum.

The Funny Farm Petting Zoo was fun!

Downtown Hickory was a nice place to eat good food, drink coffee and sit outside and people watch.

Grandpa and Grandma invited the Carolina Crew over for a cook out.

Mommy made a LOT of yummy spring rolls and Thai Tea to share with everyone. The Carolina crew loved Mommy’s food!

Then Leilalynn had to go back home to Maryland and Grandpa and Grandma had to say goodbye.

Leila liked her time in North Carolina. Grandpa and Grandma will visit her in Maryland soon!

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