Family Gardening General

Road Trip

After returning from Oklahoma there were a few events, appointments and tasks on our calendar. Not the least of these, was preserving some of our garden harvest. It was time to make pickles and relish and more pickles.

The garden did not take a vacation. It was working overtime while we were away in Oklahoma. Our Carolina family made sure it was watered for us.

The garden was thriving and hoards of Japanese Beatles were trying to finish off our evidently delicious pole beans. They also fancied the rose bushes AND one of our grape vines.

This lacy Pole Bean Leaf is the artwork of a very hungry beatle

These traps improved the situation. We plan to try some other methods to control the garden bugs. There is so much to learn on the Homestead.

Some of our flowers are showing off here. Double Day lily blooms and Beautiful Blue Hydrangea have graced the Homestead with their presence. God’s artwork never disappoints.

The Wachters celebrated Fathers’ Day and graciously included us. We also celebrated Uncle Jim’s birthday.

And then…we took a road trip to New York. Dad Ballard had a health scare and we decided to drive up to Syracuse to see him.

We stopped by Leila’s house on the way of course.

Dad is doing great now. For a soon-to-be 85 year old, he is pretty resilient. The Doctors lowered his insulin dosage and made sure he got some home health visits. He is back on track and his blood sugar numbers are looking great. It was good to see Mom, Dad and Steve for a few days.

On the way back home we visited Leila one more time ?

Then we hurried on back to the North Carolina Homestead to prepare for some very important visitors. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Ballards gathered at the homestead in July.

Next post will be all about Leila visiting Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina.