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It’s more than a place on a map, “Home” is a place you can return to and people there are happy to see you. Home is also where the people, places and memories you love the most reside. Home has been many places for us throughout the course of our married life and one of those places is Oklahoma. I grew up in Oklahoma and Mark grew up in Upstate New York but once we found each other our home location changed many times. Oklahoma, New York, Vermont, Okinawa and Maryland were each Home to us at some point in our lives. As traveling RV Nomads our Fifth Wheel, Old Glory, was Home for 2 years while we spent weeks in places like Prince Edward Island, Canada; Box Elder, South Dakota; Tucson, Arizona; Sylva, North Carolina and Avon Park, Florida. We stored Old Glory last year and now call North Carolina “Home.”

In June we flew from our home in North Carolina to Oklahoma to visit family and friends. Oklahoma may not be our physical Home anymore, but there are a lot of people we love there.

We spent some time with my mom, brother and sister-in-law, a few cousins, an uncle and our friends, Manoi, Ray and Mary.

During our visit, we had some fun taking an on-line Bob Ross painting tutorial. Some of us found it NOT as easy or relaxing as Bob makes it look. We each brought our own unique style and perspective to the artwork and there was quite a bit of laughter.

We played a few games. Kevin and Kim, my brother and sister-in-law, drove down from Nebraska to spend some time with us. They always bring fun games and activities – they brought the Bob Ross art supplies.

And they brought the ever-sweet and adorable Ava the schnauzer.

We ate ice cream at Braums and some Mexican Food at Taco Bueno. Braums because we love their ice cream and Taco Bueno because that’s where our love story began. Mark and I met while working at Taco Bueno.

And of course we helped mom with a few projects. Gardening, painting and catching moles were on “the list.”

Upon returning to our NC Homestead, we found the rogue zucchini was still out of control. Our vegetables were glad to see us and we were glad to be back Home – at least for a few days. Next post is about a quick trip to New York then Leila visits the Homestead!


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