Cozy Hills & Cracker Barrel

Making the Best of Summer 2020

As we were looking for ways to make this summer special and memorable, we were also trying to add a few more stickers to our US map. When we left The Yellow Lantern in New York we headed to Connecticut to see something new.

We drove through the Catskill Mountains and over the Hudson River along the way.

Upon arriving at Cozy Hills Campground in Bantam, Connecticut, we were shown to our beautiful wooded campsite. Cozy Hills has a lot of seasonal campsites along with their tent, nightly/weekly/monthly RV sites and rental cabins. There are many planned activities available for families. It reminded us a lot of Ramblin’ Pines in that regard.

The campground store and restaurant were open to campers and well stocked. They also had fishing ponds, tractor rides, movies under the stars, a Redneck water slide, a swimming pool, boats for rent and many playgrounds located throughout the campground. We spoke to one of the workampers and learned that they have plans to add a saltwater pool and a kids’ bounce pad in the next few months.

Also (and I know you will be shocked to hear this) we located a dairy/ice cream shop where we found some great locally made Connecticut ice cream and cheese!

Our little campfire was awesome for cooking some burgers and brats in between rain showers one evening.

After our 3 cozy nights in Connecticut, we packed it in and travelled a short distance to the state of Rhode Island, another new destination for us.

In Coventry, Rhode Island, we ate at a Cracker Barrel and spent the night in their parking lot.

One night in Rhode Island = another addition to our U.S. Map!

Since we’ve been on the move so much the past 2 months, this is a good time to mention our favorite way to save money on Diesel Fuel. TSD is a trucker diesel discount program that has a special option for RVers.

We applied for their debit card and downloaded their EFS app last year. It has allowed us to save so much on our fuel as we travel. It is applicable at truck Diesel lanes at participating truck stops. The EFS app allows us to map our route and see participating fuel stops along the way. Usually we can fill up our 48 gallon tank at a per gallon price less than regular gasoline. Click here to learn more about this great discount opportunity. You’re welcome ; )

Next week we’ll tell you about our “plans” and how they are working out. Yes, we dare to plan and that sound we’ve heard lately – that’s God laughing. We know His plans are best, we are learning to include “God willing,” as we tell others where we want to travel. You’ll understand when you read next week’s blog post. Thanks for following our planned and unplanned adventures!