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Dog Bites, Millipedes and Parking Down By the River

Our departure from Moonshine Creek was bittersweet. Several friends stopped by to wish us well and pray with us. Some even gave us parting gifts and remembrances. There are so many lovely people we will miss and we hope to see them again.

We had hoped our first travel day would go smoothly but little things can happen that set the tone for a day. We try to stay positive no matter what so here are the highlights of day 1 – we can laugh about it now, we hope you laugh with us…

On that morning, as we were preparing to leave Moonshine creek, Mark went to pet a little dog in the campground and it bit his finger. It drew blood but Mark smiled and powered through. We disinfected and placed a bandaid on it so we could get on the road. Next we stopped at a truck stop to get coffee not far into our trip – ahhh coffee, things were looking up!

A few miles later, I saw the millipede on the ceiling of the truck above Mark’s head. Trying to mention it casually so as not to cause a wreck, I made Mark aware of our uninvited travel companion. Mark reached up and swiped it down towards the floor and MY side of the seat. We couldn’t find the thing so we just hoped it was laying dead somewhere under the truck seats. We didn’t think about it again until Mark found it…actually Mark licked it. It was curled up on the lid of his coffee cup. Although we were totally grossed out at the moment, we can laughed about it now.

Our new standard for whether or not it’s a good travel day:

  • No dog bites? Check✔️
  • No millipedes licked? Check✔️
  • It’s gonna be a great day!

That first day we drove to Radford, Virginia where we stayed at a Passport America participating campground/ bait shop/ deli/ mini-mart/ boat ramp. The Sportsman Campground, on the New River in Virginia, was only 18 bucks a night. The humidity was awful that day so we wanted to plug in to electric and run the a/c. On the way there we took one wrong turn and spent some time trying to get Old Glory turned around. We only brushed up against one unforgiving tree in the process – no major damage was done. We took a small branch with leaves attached on a little tour afterward.

Once arriving we parked in a fairly spacious, level, pull-through spot, and then visited their deli. We were impressed with their menu – all homemade on premises and delicious. We couldn’t help but think of the “I live in a van down by the river” SNL sketch while we were at this campground. The campground was under a fairly busy highway overpass and beside a river. All things considered, the price was right, they had good food, we had a/c and it was just for one night so we were happy with it.

You may think our standards are getting lower by the minute… but our next stop is going to be amazing – tune in next time to hear all about Ramblin’ Pines Campground in Woodbine, Maryland.