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Disney Springs and Beyond

Even the power lines look like Mickey Mouse in Orlando!

Last time we were at Disney Springs it was after one of Mark’s VA Appointments. We saw enough then to realize we wanted to come back again and revisiting Disney Springs when we had more time to explore became one of our “Florida” goals. We started toward Orlando early one morning hoping to avoid the unavoidable…Florida traffic. There was plenty of time to look at the Mickey Mouse Power Lines as we slowly made our way into Orlando.

Even with traffic we arrived around 8:30 am and finding parking was not difficult at all. Very few people were at Disney Springs before 9am on a Tuesday morning – everyone showed up around 10 am. In the meantime we walked to the Saratoga Springs Resort area and we were treated to some great views of Disney Springs from across the water. Saratoga Springs is a huge Disney Resort with multiple themed areas, one of which is a grouping of “tree houses.” These are rustic looking rental cottages on stilts nestled among trees. From the outside they looked like the “Disney” version of camping. The treehouses do have electricity and water so I’m sure it would be more like “glamping.”

As we walked through the many different Saratoga Springs resort areas, there was an arcade, a golf course, a spa and several different swimming pools. Mickey topiarys and colorful flowers were planted throughout the entire Disney Springs area.

Riding the monorail through EPCOT

We took advantage of the Disney transportation available from Town Center and caught a bus to the Polynesian Resort. From the Polynesian it was a short walk to the Main Transportation Center where there were monorails going to Walt Disney World, Epcot AND there was a Ferry available to transport tourists across the water to WDW.

Our View from the EPCOT monorail ride

After we rode around EPCOT and Walt Disney World, we got off the monorail at the Art Deco Resort and spent some time people-watching and poking around gift shops. Out behind the Art Deco there was a cafe, pool, fishing/boating dock and some fun outdoor games like Checkers and Connect 4.

We rode the monorail back to The Polynesian, caught the bus to Disney Springs and after a 17,000 step day, got in our truck and headed back to Avon Park.

The weather was perfect for our little day-trip and it was worth braving the Orlando traffic to spend another budget-friendly day at Disney. Every Disney employee we encountered was happy and helpful. All their stores, resorts and restaurants are themed and entertaining in and of themselves. The sheer area of all the Disney properties would make it quite an adventure to plan your day(s) if vacationing there but the Disney transportation system is amazing and makes travel fun. Check back next week when we will recap our fun Florida Winter Workamping experience. Thanks for following our RV Life!!

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  1. Good thing you were able to visit when you did! I read yesterday that the resort is closed because of “the virus!”

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