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Waynesville, NC

Waynesville, NC is less than 10 miles from us at Moonshine Creek Campground. We visit Waynesville’s Walmart often but we recently discovered some new things to do in this little burg. Main Street Waynesville, the Kornerstone Kafe and Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market are just a few things that are worth your time if you visit Western North Carolina.

Main Street Waynesville is full of curious and delightful places to shop. Mast General Store is just one of the fun shopping experiences, with barrels of candy downstairs for the kiddos (or young at heart.) Mast also has clothing, cookware, souvenirs and many other items for sale. There are numerous and varied stores on Main Street: furniture stores, bakeries and restaurants, coffee and chocolate shops, a movie theater (that also doubles as an ice cream and coffee shop,) an authentic Maine fresh seafood market that just opened in June and a Dog Bakery… it’s a very dog-friendly place!

We spoke to the owner of the new “Wicked Fresh Seafood and Meat Market“(which is actually located at 171 Montgomery street but it’s just around the corner from Main Street in Waynesville) and learned that he was born and raised in Maine and makes bi-weekly runs (17 hours each way) to pick up fresh off the boat Maine lobster, oysters and clams. His crab meat is hand picked by a lady that used to babysit him. He sells out of his fresh Maine seafood quickly and many people are regularly coming in for his lobster rolls (15.99 – you can’t get them that cheap in MAINE), crab cakes, fresh fish and especially his oysters, which seem to sell out first. We will be back – but we got his card so we can call first to make sure he hasn’t sold out of his fresh Maine lobster. He also gives veterans a 10% discount!

The entire Waynesville Main Street area is very unique and colorful! From the metal sculptures on the street corner to the stuffed critters in some of the store displays, there is something interesting to see at every turn.

If you want a good breakfast before browsing in Waynesville, the Kornerstone Kafe is an exceptional diner. We recently ate there and will definitely return soon. We were impressed with the food and service! Right on the front door, before we even entered, it was obvious that they appreciate veterans and support the 2nd amendment.

We are big fans of both so we had a feeling we were going to love this place. Then we ordered breakfast and their biscuits did not disappoint! This place hit all the right notes; a super-friendly waitress, great food, 15% military discount and a very large parking lot with plenty of space for our big truck. It even has an outdoor seating area so you can enjoy the refreshing cool mountain weather while you eat. This diner gets an A+ from us.

The final Waynesville experience I want to recommend is Haywood’s Historic Farmers’ Market. Every Saturday 8 am – 12 pm from Mid-April through October you can find multiple vendors in the Hart Theater Parking lot at 250 Pigeon Street.

There are wood-workers, musicians, farmers and craftsmen all gathered to display their talent and sell their produce and crafts. Need some quail eggs? Goat milk soap? Some beautiful fresh flowers? Or maybe a handmade cutting board? This is the place for you! We purchased some beautiful and tasty North Carolina-grown peaches when we visited.

Waynesville, NC is a fun place to explore and I’m sure we haven’t seen everything it has to offer. We will be at Moonshine Creek for 3 more months so we will update you on our workamping experiences next week, including our plans for the winter. We have some hikes and waterfalls to share soon as well. If you find yourself in our “neck of the woods,” please swing by Moonshine Creek Campground. It’s a beautiful, relaxing place to camp and there is so much to see and do in the immediate area. Call 828-586-6666 to make reservations today and come spend some quality time in Western North Carolina.

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