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Mind Your Own North Carolina Biscuits…and Life Will be Gravy

In North Carolina they are serious about their biscuits. We read an article listing some of the best breakfast diners in Western North Carolina so we decided to give them a try- all of them. Here’s a run down of what we experienced at some great places to get biscuits or pancakes or eggs or bacon, etc. for breakfast.

First stop: Haywood 209 is a diner beside a gas station. The highlight for me was the coffee – it was realllly good. Their biscuits were satisfactory. They give a 10% military discount and in my opinion this was a good place to start our Breakfast marathon – it could only get better from here.

Our next breakfast stop was Clyde’s in Waynesville. It was obviously popular – the parking lot was full and that’s always a good sign. The biscuits were HUGE and they were our first introduction to what we are calling true North Carolina Biscuits. They were big, fluffy and definitely homemade. The service was good and all the food was delicious. The prices were great especially considering the huge amount of food on our plates. They did not offer a military discount, but like I said, the prices were good and the biscuits were awesome, we’ll be back! (We went back recently on a Sunday with Aunt Karolyn and Uncle Jim and we were surprised that the biscuits were smaller- but the food was still good. Perhaps the size of the biscuits depends on who the cook is that day?)

Behind door #3…is The Buttered Biscuit near Lake Junaluska. The parking was a little tight here and there was a waiting list when we arrived but we waited only a short time before we were seated. Our waitress was very attentive, the food was delicious and the biscuits were very big – a little heavier than Clyde’s but still good and they offer a 10% military discount.

Maggie Valley Restaurant is not too far from the Buttered Biscuit. We arrived and found that parking was challenging here but we managed to get a space. It was a popular local place however we did not have to wait to be seated. The prices were comparable to the others. They offered a 10% military discount and the food was delicious, although the biscuits were kind of small.

Joey’s Pancake House was the largest breakfast diner we had visited so far. They were doing a booming business and their parking lot was more than adequate for the amount of hungry breakfast-eaters they were serving! There was a beautiful mural in the waiting area and we only had to wait a few minutes to be seated. Their pancakes and waffles were awesome. We didn’t try the biscuits but everything we ate there was great. Mark says this is the first time he has ever eaten waffles without syrup. The powdered sugar and strawberries made them perfect. Normally he pours a large amount of syrup on any waffle or pancake he eats so this is saying something. They offered a 10% military discount and the service was awesome.

Pop’s Place in Maggie Valley was next on our list. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday. The very small parking lot was a challenge and there was a bit of a wait for a table once we got parked and went inside. It is a small diner but very popular and we can tell you why. The food and service are great here. It was worth the wait. Mark enjoyed the steak and eggs with home fries and I had to try their biscuits to see how they measured up to our current North Carolina standards. The biscuits were good and the prices were very reasonable. Mark’s steak and egg breakfast was $9.99. Pop’s offers a 10% military discount to boot!

Sherrill’s Pioneer Restaurant in Clyde, NC was located the furthest from us. It is about 15 miles from Moonshine Creek Campground. We parked across the street at a shopping center. The problem with parking for us is the sheer size of our Ford F350, long bed, crew cab truck, so parking problems for us may not be a problem for others. Sherrill’s had a definite “local” diner feel and our waitress was super friendly and attentive. We did not have to wait to be seated. As we looked at the menu we noticed “biscuit with hot applesauce” was one of their breakfast options. Mark asked the waitress if that was a North Carolina thing. She said, “Well, I guess so, we put just about anything on biscuits.” Their biscuits were good although somewhat small. The prices were probably the best so far. They also offered a military discount of $1 coffee. Be advised if you pay by card they charge a $1 fee so you may want to bring cash.

These 7 breakfast diners are listed in the order we visited them. We didn’t make it to the Kornerstone Kafe in Waynesville yet, but we’ll let you know about that one after we get a chance to try it. Some of these, we will definitely return to. We have already been back to Clydes and I foresee another trip to the Buttered Biscuit and Joey’s Pancake House in our future as well. If you haven’t already, I hope you get a chance to try some North Carolina biscuits at some point in your life. We think you’ll love them! Next week we’ll tell you some of the other high points of spending the summer in the mountains of North Carolina. Soon, we will also update you on our workamping plans. We are now booked through July of 2020! The adventure continues, so check back next week ; ) Thanks for following along with the Ballards’ RV Life.

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