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The Best is Yet to Be

We are settling in here at our new jobs and campsite in Sylva, NC. Moonshine Creek Campground is an award-winning campground with tent and RV sites as well as camping cabins and furnished rentals. We are each working 12 hours per week in exchange for our full hook-up site and laundry. There are 4 workamping couples and each couple works the same day/shift (ladies work in the office, guys work outside.) So, for example, Mark and I worked Friday and Sunday 10-4 our first week back. This past week we worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4-8 pm. We have committed to work at Moonshine Creek through October 31st when their season ends.

2017 National Small Park of the Year Award Winner

Here’s what our duties are:

The main office and store at Moonshine Creek

Andrea: answers phones, makes reservations, runs the cash register (the small store sells camping necessities: firewood, ice,  graham crackers, marshmallows, candy bars, etc) launders sheets and towels from furnished rentals, waters plants on front porch, sweeps/vacuums and dusts office and store, checks guests in and lets Mark know when campers arrive so he can show them to their site, counts out/balances register at the end of shift.  

Welcome to Moonshine Creek!

Mark: checks a list of sites vacated and those that will be filled each day, he then makes sure the sites &/or cabins are clean (fire pit cleaned out and site is litter free.) He drives a golf cart around the campground emptying all common trash cans and cleaning the bathrooms, showers and laundry room area. When a camper arrives Mark meets them at the office and leads them to their site.  He helps them get parked and set up and delivers firewood if purchased. We communicate via walkie-talkies during our shifts.

No, He does not make the Moonshine… but he can help you find your campsite.

When we aren’t working we are exploring the campground and surrounding area. We walk every morning, coffee cups in hand, around the campground including the front and back upper loops (we average about 2 miles.) We always observe something new: a group of 3 little birds huddled together on the back upper loop, chipmunks who usually move too fast to be photographed and unknown bird species with unique songs (we finally learned our mystery bird is a Wood Thrush.) We’ve seen Appalachian Water Snakes in the front pond and we’ve found miscellaneous railroad spikes and parts from the rails above the upper loop.

The Wood Thrush and his beautiful song

The chipmunks and hummingbirds now come to visit us regularly at our campsite. We have a little ruby-throated hummingbird who comes to drink and rest on our shepherd’s hook quite often.

Our very thirsty Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

It’s always nice to walk along the creek or sit by it for a while. Sometimes we meet other campers and learn a little about their stories. One morning we met 2 young men from France. They were loading up their bikes for what looked like a long ride. We asked them about their journey and learned they had started their bike ride in New York City 2 weeks prior. They plan to be in California by September.

Moonshine Creek

We meet a lot of dogs out walking their humans at the campground too. Stopping to pet and talk to them, we have come to know several by name. Joe and Ciobi are “seasonal” campers here who come from Florida to enjoy the cool mountain weather for the summer.

Ciobi and Joe

On our walks we usually pick up some kindling sticks for our evening campfire. The air always smells so fresh and clean and lovely around here- it smells like God’s gift to us and we are so in awe of His creation in the North Carolina mountains.

While familiarizing ourselves with the area, we have ventured into the town of Sylva to Don’s Barber Shop and Walmart. Waynesville is nearby also with its Car wash, Chick-Fil-A and another Walmart.

One afternoon we drove a short distance on the Blueridge Parkway and stopped at a couple of pull-overs. Finding a little hidden trail near “Woodfin Cascades,” we explored a bit but we weren’t really prepared or dressed for a hike at the time. I foresee another visit and more exploration along the Parkway.

We are excited that our new business cards have arrived! We ordered 500 new and improved cards through VistaPrint. Sometimes it’s just easier to give someone a card than to try to answer questions like: “where are you from?” or “what do you do?”

All our history, plans and current details can be found on our blog so follow along if you wish! We’ll be recounting our adventures in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains weekly. You can subscribe at the bottom of this page to be notified by email each time we upload a new blog post…

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    1. Well it certainly does for the next 5 months!! Who knows, it may become an annual gig- but there are still quite a few places on our bucket list. Moonshine Creek is definitely going at the top of our list of best places along with PEI and Acadia ????

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