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Good-bye New York, Hello North Carolina

On May 24 (Friday) our youngest son, Grant and his girlfriend, CK drove from Long Island  to Syracuse to see us and the grandparents.  Mark, Dad, Grant and CK went to the shooting range that afternoon and successfully annihilated more zombies. 

The next day we made yet another trip to Skaneateles and Dougs. If someone tells you they don’t want to go to Doug’s Fish Fry for the 3rd time in 2 weeks, stay away from that person- you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! (There is no such thing as too much Dougs Fish Fry)

Then Sunday we all packed up, said good bye to Dad and Mom Ballard and Uncle Steve, and headed out; Grant and CK back to Long Island and we began our journey back toward Moonshine Creek.

Our trip to our workamping site in North Carolina included a few side trips and stop overs. We went to Carriage Corner Bed and Breakfast the first day. We love to visit Pennsylvania Amish country and we got a much needed dose of the slow, simple, Amish way of life.

Monday morning (Memorial Day) we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Carriage Corner with our hosts Jay and Gaylen.

If you are interested in 10% off at Carriage Corner let us know and we’ll mail a referral card to you!

We spent most of Monday browsing in gift shops and enjoying the Amish atmosphere in PA. We then drove to Chambersburg, PA where we stayed at a Super 8 for the night.

Tuesday we got an early start and headed to Frederick, MD. We dropped off a few things and picked up a few things at Tim and Dear’s house. They are graciously allowing us to store some odds and ends in their home so we don’t have to rent a storage unit! After that very quick stop we made it to Wytheville, VA.  It was a long travel day but we got a good nights sleep at the Travel Lodge and then Wednesday we only had 200 miles to drive to Moonshine Creek!  

Wednesday afternoon, when we arrived at our NC home, we unpacked/put things away and assessed our need for groceries. Our workamping schedule begins Friday and so we were able to get settled and finish up some laundry and shopping on Thursday before our “work” schedule begins.

Since we will be here 5 months we decided to spend a little time and money on our campsite. We splurged on a shepherds hook, hummingbird feeder and hanging flower basket. We also purchased a patio tomato plant. Not long after hanging our feeder we had a thirsty little visitor.

The Very Thirsty Hummingbird

Our new career begins full swing on Friday!  Check back next week for all the workamping details.

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  1. So glad to know where your “boys” are (and that you got to see them)! I just love hummingbirds, don’t you? I know you’ll be wonderful at welcoming campers with your wonderful smiles and positive outlooks! I know you will touch many people this summer as they stay at your area. ????????????

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