General Special Places


This week at the Syracuse Ballards has been full of work and fun; moving stones in the yard and celebrating a milestone in marriage.

We have cleaned out a garage and weeded, raked, planted and moved border stones around in the Syracuse Ballards’ yard. We have enjoyed time on the back-porch watching a wren family establish a new residence and time outdoors hiking trails full of memories. Mark was born and raised in Syracuse and we visited or drove by many of his favorite childhood spots.

Syracuse is a beautiful place in the spring! Everything is so green and new and alive. The old familiar places like Skaneateles Lake and Doug’s fish fry were fun to revisit. There was also a new diner that Dad and Mom Ballard took us to called “Finally Ours.”

The guys went shooting one afternoon.  Mark, his dad and his brother all had fun picking off zombies.  Mark’s dad may or may not be guilty of rapid fire on the range. We’ll never tell.

May 23rd, 2019 was Dad and Mom Ballards’ 60th anniversary. We had sent out a request on Facebook for friends and family to send special 60th anniversary greetings. Those Anniversary cards began showing up in their mailbox throughout the week.

Thank you to everyone who helped make their day more special! 60 years of marriage is a huge milestone as many of you stated in your cards and letters.  We are blessed to have role models of a lasting, committed relationship (on both the Ballard and Johnson sides) – through many years. We look forward to many more miles in our RV life leading to an equally wonderful “milestone” in our future.