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Maryland & New York Without Old Glory

Before we dive into our new workamping lifestyle/career, we are leaving Old Glory at Moonshine Creek in North Carolina. Our amazing new bosses offered to let us leave her with them since we would be returning in 3 weeks. We drove Babe from Sylva, NC to Roanoke, VA on May 3 and stayed in a hotel! Yes, it was weird not towing O.G.- and it felt weird sleeping in a hotel. Our mpg doubled on this trip and the driving was a little less stressful. When we are towing O.G. we keep our speed under the limit and Mark is super alert watching the rear camera and hyper-aware of semis, bridges, etc. He is always a very safety conscious driver and we limit travel to around 300 miles each day.

Road trip goodies- a value size bag of gummy worms … JACKPOT!

It was a pretty chill travel day then we got free coffee and breakfast at the Econo Lodge before our next travel day started. On Saturday, May 4 we drove to Frederick, MD and we passed a truckload of chickens along the way.

We arrived in Frederick, MD around noon where we saw Tim, Dear, Sam & Oakley.

The next day was a rainy Sunday. We spent time with the Frederick Ballards.  Mark and Tim worked on replacing screens. Dear and Tim have been working hard on their garden at their new home. Sam and Oakley have been doing their own “work” on the garden. Note the fencing around the garden and the somewhat muddy hole in the middle of the yard.

We emptied our storage unit while we were in Maryland

While in Frederick, MD I helped Dear do some gardening and we enjoyed Dear’s great Thai cooking! Bright and early Wednesday we headed to Syracuse by way of Hamburg, PA. Even with the stop off at Cigars International we arrived in Syracuse in the early afternoon.

Our plan while in Syracuse is to visit with Dad and Mom Ballard and Mark’s brother, Steve. We will be helping with springtime yardwork and doing a few minor home projects. It is nice to be here to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom Ballard and next week we will be celebrating Dad and Mom Ballard’s 60th wedding anniversary with them.

Of course we can’t visit the Syracuse Ballards without a trip to Doug’s Fish Fry and Skaneateles, NY. Weather in Syracuse is hit or miss – we’ve had beautiful 70 degree days and rainy days with highs in the 40s so far. We’ll be here several more days and will update the blog with more about our Syracuse adventures next week.