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Adios Arizona

As we get ready to roll out of Tucson, we are reflecting on our past 5 months here at Davis-Monthan’s Agave Gulch FamCamp. It’s mid-April and the Campground has more and more empty spaces every day as the “snowbirds” are leaving. We will miss the amazing office staff at the campground. They were always friendly and helpful!

So many empty spaces!

Every month at the campground one of the local RV dealers from Tucson would bring some of their RVs over for the campers to look through. Along with their RVs, they brought donuts, coffee and sometimes lunch! It’s always fun to look at new RVs and get ideas. It’s even more fun when there are donuts!

We are seeing so many cactus begin to bloom- we won’t get to see the saguaros bloom since that doesn’t happen till mid-May through mid-June. We will miss Tucson’s cactus and hummingbirds and all the mountains. Tucson is surrounded by mountains and they are amazing to see. We will miss the beautiful Arizona sunsets.

Many cactus are blooming in April

We’ll miss the great Saturday morning breakfasts at the Dining Hall on base.

Dining Hall Breakfasts are the best!

Of all the places we’ve hiked, Sabino Canyon was our favorite. We had to make one last trip there on the day before we headed out.

We will also miss Mark’s awesome Arizona Chiropractor. It’s great to know Dr. Shaw will be here for Mark when we return next year!

Dr. Shaw, Vanessa (awesome receptionist) & Mark

So we are getting ready to leave and we’ve washed Babe, waxed the front of Old Glory and mapped out our route.

Babe and the Tucson Mountains
Babe and Old Glory ready to Rock n Roll on down the road!
Our “planned” route

The next step of our RV life begins April 18 as we head toward upstate New York. We’ll be making many stops along the way and, of course, blogging about what we see and do. Maybe we’ll see you along the way? Check back to find out what’s new with the Ballards’ RV Life.

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    1. Hey Mike & Meme! Great to hear from you and hope you’re doing good. We had a great time and hope to see you both again in the future. We’re headed to NY for my parents 60th Anniversary and to PEI for the Summer…Again! Take Care, Mark & Andrea

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