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Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona

One of the many perks of camping on an Air Force Base is the chance to see all the planes that pass through the area. The Heritage Flight visited Davis-Monthan AFB in March, 2019. We saw this Air Force Demo team flying in formation overhead as we walked around base. We heard them practicing their maneuvers every day. On Sunday, March 3rd, the base opened the flight line for an hour.

It was another beautiful, sunny Tucson day and the only people allowed on the flight line were military ID holders. There were no huge crowds so we were able to easily see all the heritage planes up close.  Planes from every era from Vietnam to World War II to modern fighter and attack models are included in the team and they fly alongside each other in shows supporting Air Force enlistment and retention.  Part of their mission is to honor those veterans who have flown these planes in service to our country throughout the years.

Then, on March 23rd and 24th, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base hosted an air show known as “Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona.” We heard the Thunderbirds arrive on March 21st as they flew in over the base FamCamp. Campers had their lawn chairs out around the campground for a front row seat to our private show! We saw multiple air maneuvers throughout the weekend without the annoying air show traffic that others had to endure. The sound of freedom roared loud and clear over Davis-Monthan!

Looking to the future, we are planning on leaving Tucson and Agave Gulch FamCamp mid-April. Our Alaska plans have been put on hold for a bit. One of the reasons we began this lifestyle was to see family. This year, May 23, is a milestone anniversary (60th) for some Ballards in Syracuse. This July is a pretty major birthday for a special Ballard as well. We’ve decided to head east to celebrate with family. Alaska will still be around and may still work out later this year. You will have to check in here to find out where we land next : )