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Sabino Canyon

We finally made it to Sabino Canyon and it is definitely as great as everyone told us. Sabino Canyon is a part of the Coronado National Forest and is located on the north side of Tucson. At Sabino Canyon we found hiking trails, streams, waterfalls, birds, wildlife, wildflowers and cactus. The first day that we visited it was a Saturday and EVERYONE was there. We were happy to discover that our National Park Pass was accepted so that meant no entry fee. Despite the crowds we were able to find a parking place without too much trouble. There was an abundance of National Park Rangers available who were eager to help us find the best trail and answer any questions we might have. Ranger Richard informed us that it would not be a good day to hike to 7 falls because some of the streams we would have to cross were too deep. He suggested we take a combination of 3 trails that made a 3 mile loop and gave us a good overview of the area. It was a beautiful hike and we spoke to several fellow-hikers along the way. My Deep Creek Lake T-shirt and Ocean City ball cap caught the attention of a hiker from Virginia. We talked about Maryland and what brought us to Arizona.

We enjoyed our hike so much that we returned the following Monday. This time we had to go to the overflow parking lot. I think it was spring break in Tucson! This was a good day to go by way of Bear Canyon trail to 7 falls. Ranger Michel looked at our trail map with us and told us about a little shortcut from the overflow lot to the Bear Canyon trail. He assured us that the water levels were lower so we could easily cross the streams to get to 7 falls. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and crossing several streams during the course of the hike felt like quite an adventure.  The deepest water we had to cross came to my hip level.  The water was cold, swift and refreshing.

This was a 4.5 mile hike with about a 1,000 ft elevation by the time we made it to the end. All told with our hike from the overflow lot and the return trip included we hiked 10 miles!

We visited Sabino Canyon for a third time on Tuesday, March 26th and we once again had to park in overflow parking. We explored on the other side of the dam, hiking the Sabino Canyon Dam trail. We brought our lunch hiked around 4 miles and we were done before the hottest part of the day. It’s been in the high 80s this week and that’s a little too hot for hiking in Arizona.

My biggest problem in writing the blog lately is how many ways can I say “a beautiful sunny day?” I know it’s getting repetitive ; ) We are enjoying our last few weeks in Tucson and tying up a few loose ends. In the past 5 months we’ve been to 34 Dr/Dentist/Ophthalmologist appointments. There are still a few more appointments before we can travel. We are so ready to start the next chapter of our adventure. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts…

3 thoughts on “Sabino Canyon”

  1. How beautiful! I always enjoy your blog so much. Just keep living the good life.

    1. Thanks Ray! Hope you and Mary are doing well ????❤️
      BTW those hiking sticks were a Godsend on the hike to 7 Falls!

    2. Thanks again for the hiking sticks Ray! We crossed knee to thigh high water about sixteen times on the 10 mile hike, so we Really needed them. Since we left last July, I can’t count the number of times we’ve used them…from NY to Maine to Prince Edward Island and now here in AZ.

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