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As full-time RVers we meet many fellow campers who are working or have worked as campground hosts, maintenance, office workers and other seasonal forms of employment. We hear stories of people who have worked for pay or volunteered at independent campgrounds, Corps of Engineer campgrounds or state/national campgrounds. These jobs can be solely in exchange for a campsite or for a combination of campsite and hourly pay.

One popular seasonal employer among campers is Amazon. Amazon offers CamperForce employment opportunities each year during the holiday season. Their CamperForce warehouse locations are in Kentucky, Tennessee and this year they added a Pheonix, AZ warehouse. Mid-February Amazon opened the application process for their 2019 CamperForce season. We have read blogs from full-time RVers who worked for Amazon. There were honest first-hand stories of Amazon employment experiences, both the good and the bad. So with eyes wide open, we have decided to give it a try. After completing online applications we received contingent job offers the same day. Our new employee webinar was February 25th and we will start our workamping seasonal jobs with Amazon Camperforce this November. Amazon has an approved list of campgrounds near each of their seasonal warehouse locations. We made campground reservations for our 7 week assignment. The Chattanooga location, where we will be employed, is a “soft goods” (clothing) order fulfillment warehouse.

Amazon pays for our campsite plus we get an hourly wage. At the end of our assignment we will receive a completion bonus as well. We’ve heard it’s an extremely physical job and we expect to wear out some walking shoes, but we’ll try it once and see if we can endure 7 weeks of hard labor. Stay tuned for updates on the CamperForce experience!

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  1. Godspeed! Looking forward to having you closer….maybe an NC visit after the Amazon gig

    1. Maybe! Or perhaps we’ll see you on our way to Tennesse? We’ll be in touch either way ????

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