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Arizona “Winter”

2019 began with a woosh of cold air here in Tucson. As you can see, the first week of January was “winter.”  We even saw a few snowflakes.

But that’s over now and we are back to glorious warmth and sunshine!

I don’t think you can O.D. on natural Vitamin D and these Arizona sunny days are just what the Doctor ordered!

We haven’t ventured very far from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base yet. We have found that the base dining hall (AKA the Desert Inn) serves an awesome and cheap breakfast. That’s been our Saturday treat for the past few weeks.

After breakfast we hit the Tucson post office every Saturday to pick up our mail. We have it shipped here from South Dakota.

On one of our wonderful hikes around the base we found a beautiful bougainvillea bush on the old golf course.

We also met 3 little pigs. These Javelinas were just wandering through our campground one evening.

They attracted a lot of attention. My guess is they were in search of marshmallows to make s’mores – but I’m not sure.

Of course we see a lot of airplanes here and we walk or drive by the “Boneyard” regularly.

Thousands of military planes in row upon row are stored on this land. It’s a breathtaking sight.  I would love to hear the stories they could tell. They come from different eras, military branches and even different nations but they are all being preserved here for future use as parts or to be refurbished at some later date.

Not a day goes by that we don’t see a hummingbird or two or three. This hummingbird feeder is in front of the FamCamp Office. This little guy didn’t mind that we were watching him eat.

The time that we are spending here in Arizona is not all fun and relaxation. Mark continues to check off upgrades to Old Glory. He has completed the installation of our fresh water tank heater.

And he has installed some vents and insulation under our bed in the slide.

Old Glory now has SUPER heavy duty Sailun tires:

And she will soon be getting upgraded disc brakes, MorRyde suspension and heavy duty leaf springs.

We are hoping to make it to Alaska this year but we will see how the next few weeks go before we firm up those plans.

We were gifted free admission to see the “Biosphere 2” here in Tucson (thank you Kevin and Kim for that Christmas present!) We will post more about that in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time, Happy 2019 to you all!