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Happy Birthday Mark & Cold Weather Tips and Tricks

We are still in Box Elder, South Dakota and it’s COOOLD (we’re talking single digits at night) and it’s WINDY!

Seriously, I’m from Oklahoma – which is known for being a windy state- and I promise you South Dakota is the windiest place I have ever experienced! Last night we experienced a “snow event.”

We decided we do not want to wait here for Mark’s Veteran’s Administration appointments (no way of knowing how long we would have to wait!) We transferred his request to the Tucson VA.

We are dreaming of our trip to Tucson Arizona heading out early next week! In the meantime we have learned how to survive a South Dakota winter. We have had a few challenges. Our fresh water tank froze – we decided to dump the tank once it thawed out and just go with jugs of water for dishwashing/ hand-washing/ flushing etc.

We have been regular visitors at the base gym here on Ellsworth AFB. We get our exercise – walk on the treadmills or use their weights – and also get a nice hot shower- win/win!

We keep our furnace cranked up just to keep our grey water tanks from freezing but we also poured RV antifreeze down those so we feel pretty safe there. The propane is getting used up really fast. I think Mark knows the propane guy at Tractor Supply by name – his name is Mark too ????.

We have gotten a lot accomplished while here:

  1. Got our SD drivers licenses
  2. Had a few Dr. appointments
  3. Saw Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park

Mark turned 55 this week so we celebrated his birthday here in South Dakota. But now we feel it’s time to say good-bye to our new friends…It’s been fun and certainly educational. Tucson here we come ????!