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Kansas, Nebraska & Iowa

We are on the move again! October 15 we travelled from Oklahoma to Kansas,

where we stayed one night at the lovely Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka, Kansas.

Then we moved on to Nebraska City, Nebraska.

We arrived in Nebraska last Tuesday and stayed at Victorian Acres RV Campground for the week. It is only 15 miles from my brother’s house in Hamburg, Iowa.

Victorian Acres is a great campground, clean, well maintained, friendly staff, great laundry facilities and clean showers.

We were able to experience some of the Nebraska sights and also spend some time in Iowa with my brother, his wife and our extended family in the area.

My mom, brother and great niece …

Mark and Kevin (my brother) teamed up on some projects. Kevin helped install a battery monitor in Old Glory.

Mark helped Kevin put some shelves in at the Awesome Possum (Kevin and Kim’s Flea Market.)

We enjoyed a delicious Korean meal and some fun games at my brother’s house.

While in Nebraska we visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trails and Visitor Center.

Also Kimmel Orchards

And an awesome Chinese Buffet.

Mom got to meet her great grand-babies finally!


And Quinn

The Awesome Possum was awesome.

Offutt Air Force Base was great too!

Mark cooked brats and we had family over before we left.

Now we are heading to South Dakota and Ellsworth Air Force Base!

Home sweet home!