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Hello! We are in Oklahoma and plan to stay here for a couple of weeks.

As you can see, Old Glory fits perfectly in my Mom’s driveway. While here Mark has changed the oil in Babe and in our generator.

We have tried a new product called “Awesome” on the multiple bug splatters on Old Glory. It was recommended on the RV Tips facebook page.

We have had great success with this product and highly recommend it. You can find it at the Dollar Tree for $1.

We have been able to help Mom with some yard-work.

We have seen relatives and friends here. We got our flu shots and I have an appointment to get my military id renewed.

We are using our Solar panels a lot to keep our battery charged.

We were able to get an Amazon order shipped to us here. We now have an awesome bike rack and great bike helmets.

Still no bikes yet, but we are ready when we find the perfect ones.

We will be here at Mom’s house till mid-October. Then we will load up, taking Mom along with us, and go north to Nebraska to visit my brother, sister-in-law and family.

If you have been following us up to this point, you know we’ve been moving around a lot. We have travelled 3,250 miles since leaving PEI September 1. In September we towed/travelled 19 out of 30 days. This will not be a normal trend. First of all – it’s hard on us, our home and our truck. Second it’s difficult on our budget! We will be aiming for no more than 6 travel/tow days per month and we will be aiming for warm, inexpensive destinations to land in and explore for longer stays. For the month of October our ultimate destination is Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. It is not a warm destination but it’s cheap ($10 a night) and we need to visit our home state and get our SD drivers licenses before full-blown winter hits. As soon as we take care of that business, we may get to see Mt Rushmore and a few other sites (depending on weather) before we head south.

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  1. Fun piece. When look for bikes serious consider an e-bike. The whole pedal assist will allow you to ride for hours, which, in my opinion, is why you would own a bike so that you can tour some great spot getting to places you normally can’t go easily. Many shops will rent them so you can try one out before deciding.

    1. Kinda like the mopeds of the 70’s only electric instead of gas. You can change the amount of effort the battery gives you depending on how energetic you are OR you can run it fully on battery which I think will last only a couple hrs. ????

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