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Anne of Green Gables

There are many places where you can learn about Lucy Maud Montgomery on PEI. As the author of the book Anne of Green Gables she is known throughout the world. PEI is where she was born, raised and lived much of her life. In the 5 weeks we spent here we were able to see many of the places L.M. Montgomery lived and experience the island that inspired her writing.

On Saturday, August 4th, we headed to Cavendish. The day started a little drizzly and it rained on and off most of the morning. We had our umbrellas though and we stopped at several scenic look outs along the way and found a cute little coffee/bakery shop near Rustico.

In Cavendish we visited the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place house and farm (the one the story was based on.)

We walked past the Anne of Green Gables post office which had burned and was in process of repair.

While at the Anne house we walked a couple of 1 km trails: “lovers lane” and the “haunted woods,”

both described in Anne of Green Gables the book. At the end of the “haunted woods” hike I looked up and across the street I saw a Dairy Bar. Side note: PEI is full of dairy bars! Basically they are ice cream shops. We crossed the street to take a little break and enjoy some PEI ice cream!

Then back to the Green Gables to snap a few pictures – including one of Mark holding a Dougs Fish Fry bumper sticker. We’ll see if that one makes it up on Doug’s wall ????.

After we were done at Anne’s House we ate lunch at a park then drove to the beach at Cavendish. The rain had stopped and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the beach before heading back to the campground. Another fantastic PEI day!

Wednesday, August 8, was a beautiful sunny day so we ate lunch by the dock in Charlottetown before going to the Confederation Centre for the Arts.

We had tickets to see Anne the Musical.

It was so good! This musical is in its 54th season on the island. It hit all the high points of the Anne of Green Gables book and just like the book, I couldn’t make it to the end without laughing and crying! It was very well done. Afterwards we walked around town and then sat by the dock a bit.

We had seen and learned a lot about Anne and Lucy Maud Montgomery but there were still 2 places on my bucket list to hit before we left the island.

Finally on August 27 we visited her birthplace in New London and the Anne of Green Gables Museum in Park Corner.

L.M. Montgomery loved this island and much of her writing is based on places she was familiar with on PEI – the homes of her cousins and grandparents and the woods and beautiful countryside. Driving on the roads near New London and Park Corner, I felt like I was seeing the true inspiration for her books first hand. Imagine being a little girl growing up in the midst of the farmland and fishing wharfs and beautiful rivers on this little island. I can definitely see why she loved it so much.

This time on PEI has been a luxury and a lesson. We have enjoyed being able to see this island without schedules or time constraints. We have been learning the peaceful pace of this place full of lighthouses and beaches; butterflies and gardens; farms and fishing wharfs; Dairy Bars and seafood! Here we’ve made new friends and celebrated enduring love. I’ve found it is true what they say of this island- that every road leads to something beautiful or interesting. As in life don’t wait til the perfect day to go – just go! We have travelled many red dirt roads here and not all were smooth but the scenery was beautiful. As we are launching into this new way of living this is a good start! Today marks 2 months of full-time RV life. God is good. As this post is published, we are getting ready to cross over the Confederation Bridge back into New Brunswick. There will be more posts about PEI coming next week!