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Harrington Campground and Celebrations

On Thursday, August 2nd, a very rainy day, we packed up and got ready to move to a campground closer to the middle part of the island.

Since at Green Park we only had electric and water hook ups (no sewer)we stopped by the dump station on the way out.

In order to empty our black tank and both grey tanks, Mark had to stand outside in the rain for a bit. We had walkie talkies and I stayed inside monitoring the tank lights letting Mark know their status as he pulled each valve. Then we were all set to move about an hour’s drive away to the middle of the island.

Harrington Campground is a very basic campground and doesn’t have any extras. We were able to use our Passport America card to get a discount and it did have one unique feature: a driving range at the entrance to the campground.

Since we basically just wanted a safe, quiet place to park and set up our home and go out from there to explore the sights, beaches and parks, this was a good park for us. We started out planning to stay at Harrington Campground for 4 days. After checking it out and seeing how VERY close it was to all the national parks and beaches on PEI we decided to extend and stay here for the remainder of our time on PEI. After our Passport America Discount, this campground only cost us $17 a night (U.S. dollars) that’s with full hook ups- amazing!

After setting up Old Glory we took a short drive to Brackley and Stanhope Beaches and just drove along the coastal highway a bit. There are so many beaches along the northern coastline and they are all beautiful with white, soft sand and clear water.

Then we went to another local site: The Brackley Drive in theatre. Double features start at 9pm each night and we stayed for Mission Impossible 6 & Tag. It was a late night for these old folks ????!

The next day we slept in, it was August 3,  Friday, our 33rd Anniversary. We decided to go to one of the National Park beaches, purchase our season passes and spend some quality beach time together. There was a heat advisory so what better place to go? We first stopped by Robinson island- another one of PEI’s national parks. Robinson Island is a great biking area- we plan to rent some bikes at some point and go back.

It has both hiking and biking trails and an unusual biker-friendly pit stop at one point on the island:

All the tools one might need for bike repair!

After checking out Robinson Island we went to Stanhope Beach, mostly because the parking lots seemed packed at Brackley. The water was clear and the perfect temperature at Stanhope.

We stayed the rest of the afternoon.

We had reservations at Lobster on the Wharf in Charlottetown for dinner. Charlottetown is the largest city in PEI – definitely worth spending some time there later.

For this evening it was perfect weather for Lobster on the Wharf. We were celebrating 33 years of marriage and 1 month of living our new adventure!

We plan to leave PEI September 1 after being on the island for over a month! There will be several more blog posts about our time here so stay tuned. Our next blog post will be all about Anne of Green Gables.