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North Cape PEI and Green Park Campground

Our first campsite in PEI was on the North Cape area.  There are 3 major areas of PEI: the North Cape, the Central and the Points East.

Our Campground was Green Park and was located in Tyne Valley on the Malpeque Bay area.  It was about a 2 hour drive from where we came in on the ferry in Wood Islands to our campground in Tyne Valley.

On Monday, July 30, our first full day on PEI, we decided to drive toward Cape Egmont.  We were hoping to visit the bottle houses.  These were recommended to us by our friend Joyce Lloyd. On the way there we passed a fishing wharf and a lighthouse that looked interesting too.  We found the bottle houses and toured the grounds there.

There were gardens and other beautiful works of art.

After viewing the bottle houses we asked the young cashier how to get to Cape Egmont lighthouse and also what were the best beaches in the area.

She was very helpful. We found the lighthouse and took a few pictures and looked out over the ocean from Cape Egmont then we went on to Union Corner Provincial Park Beach. Union Corner Beach is a free beach. There was lots of parking- almost no one there on this perfect sunny beach day. It was a Monday though so perhaps most people were at work.

I asked “We Love Prince Edward Island” Facebook page members about local seafood restaurants in the area. La Factorie was mentioned- we recognized the name as a takeout place near the fishing wharf we had driven past in Egmont. We decided to try something new and we were introduced to Lobster Poutine-  Aaaamazing stuff: French fries topped with seafood broth, cheese, and piles of lobster meat!

I cannot even convey how much we loved it. We picked it up and took it to the beach to eat so we could watch the tide go out.

After the beach we went back to Green Park campground to do laundry (first we needed to get more loonies.) We saw a great sunset then saw a skunk (Pepe LePew) go under the truck before going to bed. Overall it was a beautiful day full of fun new experiences!

Tuesday: day 2 on PEI We slept late – then took care of budget/bill paying and banking on-line. We decided to drive to Summerside after lunch.

Summerside is PEI’s 2nd largest city.  It has a lot of little shops by the fishing dock.  We started by stopping by Walmart- yes PEI has 2 Walmarts! Then we searched for a place for Mark to get his hair cut. We found a barbershop in downtown Summerside before we browsed in some of the shops by the dock.

After stopping by an ice cream shop (aka DAIRY BAR) we headed back home for homemade spaghetti and another gorgeous sunset!

Wednesday we just hung out at the campground.  We hiked some of the trails there and also checked out the beach.  The beach was not great.  It was small and there were a lot of oyster containers out in the bay leased by oyster farmers in the area.  The bay was beautiful but not good for swimming and the beach was not sandy, mostly red dirt.  We did cook out for dinner and got ready for our move to Harrington Campground the next day.  Next blog post we will tell you more about Central PEI, Harrington Campground, MORE beaches and MORE lobster!