Nova Scotia & the Ferry ⛴

The trip into Nova Scotia was uneventful. We drove on the Trans Canada Highway straight to the Walmart “Super Centre” in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia to boondock overnight before catching the early ferry Sunday morning, July 29th. The Northumberland Ferry runs several times each day between Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, PEI (Prince Edward Island.)

There are 2 ways to get to PEI – one is by the 9 mile long Confederation Bridge and the other is by the Northumberland Ferry. You only pay when you leave the island so if we arrive by ferry and leave by bridge we would pay when we cross the bridge going back. We decided to try to get on the first ferry 8am Sunday the 29th. We arrived at 5am – first ones – and got in the “no reservation” line. Others began slowly arriving and got in appropriate lines. Since we had no reservations we were unsure if we would get on. When it was time to load the ferry they just motioned us on board- it was THAT easy. No questions no hesitation just load em up and smooth sailing 1 hour 15 minutes start to finish. While on the ferry we had to leave our vehicle below and go to the upper deck where we could sit inside, walk outside by the rails or purchase breakfast and sit in the dining room.

Wood Islands Lighthouse welcomed us to PEI

We arrived in Wood Island, PEI in very wet weather with no reservations for campsites since we weren’t sure when or if we would get on the ferry. We stopped at the nearest visitor center in PEI and made a few phone calls securing a 4 night stay at Green Park Campground. Green Park was about 2 hours from Wood Island. It is on the opposite side of PEI from the ferry in a town named Tyne Valley. The campground is right on Malpeque Bay (yes this is where Malpeque oysters are born) and we saw some beautiful sunsets while there. We will tell you more about Green Parks, Oysters, Beaches, Lobster Poutine etc. in the next post!

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